Not what we where planning for, at least not right now. We have decided to stay put for the time being. I think at this moment its a no brain-er. House prices have fallen. Homes are not selling in our area. One house on our street has been on the market now for over a year. It just had a To Let sign added to the For Sale sign. The exchange rate has fallen. Then you look to the states. They keep saying its heading to depression. I hope it doesn’t go there, but I also hope that it doesn’t get that bad here. You can not get loans in the states. California cant even get a loan and its the 9 largest economy in the world.

I have spent a few weeks coming to terms with this. I spent over a year planning. I still feel, in the back of my mind, that if we would of just sold and moved when we first decided we would of sold with house prices high, and a great exchange rate. The reality is that we could of moved, depression hit, and we lose the house. The area we where looking at was remote in the sense that there isn’t a lot around us.

So for now, we are staying put. This blog was going to document our move. Now I am not sure what to do with it. Time wil tell.


The kitchen floor is almost done. Just a few more cuts around the wall and the floor is finished. Yippee! It looks 100% better. Kitchen is done. It looks fantastic. Just a few touches here and there. We also think there will be enough tiles left for the bathroom floor. So it will looks super too.

We have decided that Texas is the route for us. Not only¬† does my uncle live there, which will be awesome as I would love to get to know him and his wife better, but 2 of my sisters are seriously thinking of moving there over the next few year… maybe even all three if my one sister decides to leave OR and not move to CO.

I feel a lot better about this decision. As much as the other area, in WA, was appealing, it was just so small and that was a big insecurity. TX is bigger and better in the job dept. So I am very excited. Its also motivated us to get this move going more then ever. I will miss things about the UK, but I will be happy to not live life in a limbo.

Well, we have hit a fork in the road. Big time. One way leads to the Pacific Northwest, one way leads to Texas and another finds us staying in the UK, but not in this town. One thing for sure is that we are not staying in this house, in this town.

Suddenly S decides that the area that we have been looking to move for the last year isn’t sitting right. Not big enough. Not enough financial possibilities. What about another area, he says, what about Texas?¬† Texas? Hmmm. My uncle lives in Texas, so lets take a look.

Come to find out that where my uncle lives is in the top 15 of places to live in the country. Plus, we can still get our 4 bed home around the same price, but the area is nicer, close to Dallas, more things to do, and easier access to the airport.

Now everything is up in the air. What to do? Time to get investigating. We are moving. But to where?

It feels like a few weeks have gone by since we have really done anything major for our move. Last weekend my husband has his eye surgery. We couldn’t go anywhere until that was done. This weekend we found Kitty a new home.

I belong to an on line forum, and one of the women on the forum agreed to take Kitty into her family. This was perfect. My stepdaughter had tried for over a month asking all her family and friends and no one would take Kitty. I really didn’t want her to go to a cat home, but thought that might be the case. I am really glad that she didn’t end up like that. Instead, she has a new loving home. I just got an update and Kitty is settling in just fine. She sounds happier now then I have seen her in years.

Good Luck Kitty. Be happy in your new home.

So alright, we don’t even have the house on the market yet. We have quite a few projects that need to be finished. Hubby needs his eye surgery still. I can’t help it though, I am getting really excited about our move. I am getting really excited about the possibilities we can have living in the area we have chosen. I am excited to have so much space that we can stay organized. I am excited that I can have a few hobbies/ come businesses because we will have said space. I am excited that my son can grow up in the sun. We can have an outdoor lifestyle. I am really excited because not just 1 but 2 of my sisters have thought that this area sounds great, and that they can have little to no mortgage and free their lives, so I may be living near my family again. That excites me more then anything I can imagine. So yes, I am really getting excited by this move and I want it to happen now.

I thought I would do a blog about our move back home to the US. Also a place that I can focus more on family issues and what not. My other blog has seemed to go the way of musings more then anything else so I thought a more specific one would be good.

We have been at this process now for over a year. From the day we decided that we would move. We where shown an area that ticked all the boxes. We can afford a lovely, modern, 4 bed house with a 3 car garage in a community that ticks all the boxes. 300 days of sun. Rivers, everything you want or need on your door step and growing. Yep, in today’s American economy, growth. I have watched house prices for a year and they have gone up just a little, not a crash like elsewhere. This area is on the West Coast so its easy to get to my family and visit. Best of all, one of my sisters is thinking of selling up and moving her family there when she finishes her Teaching degree in the Spring. Her husband will be close to retirement. Awesome. Family close by never sounded so sweet.

So a year ago we quickly got the forms together and filled out. I sent in the I-130 as quickly as possible to beat the price rise that happened. Then S put the brakes on. He got a job that would establish him in sales in a new industry. It looked like he found the perfect job. My heart sunk. Would I get stuck here? Hell, we already found our house to be built. Lucky for me, not so much for him, the job sucks. The company is a joke, but he has it on his CV (resume) so that is a good thing for the future.

We have managed to push things out. Everything has gone in on its dead line. Push it out has been the motto of our move. S has gone in for his medical now. All we have left to do is get the last of the documents together and he can go for his interview. Fingers crossed that we get his visa and that nothing pops up, but I don’t think anything will.

Now the next challenge that we have been working on. Selling the house. Every week we get a bit more done. This is the hardest bit yet. In my eyes its not a model home so who would want it. There are so many on the market. In S eyes, lets bung it on and hope for the best. When you have two Libras and a toddler, getting things done is not the easiest of missions. But I am confident it will happen.

So here we are, at the edge of a new beginning. I am patiently waiting in limbo for things to begin. I can not wait to get this going. Soon. I keep saying that over and over, soon.